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The Palo Alto History Google Earth Map

The Google Earth map below shows Palo Alto history through an interactive map of geographic markers, photos and descriptions. The map allows you to:

*Zoom in on over 1,000 buildings and locations and explore their history

*Explore neighborhoods in Palo Alto and discover historical points of significance

*View over 3,000 never-before-seen photos from the extensive photograph collection of the Palo Alto Historical Association archive

paha25.kmz paha25.kmz
Size : 262.895 Kb
Type : kmz


Our Google Earth map can be a bit overwhelming because we have so many points labelled. Have no fear! Simply scroll in and out by clicking on the map and by using the wheel on your mouse! To click on a photo and description, simply click on one of the small trees. To view the map in Google Earth, click here to download the Google Earth file. Trouble? Email us!

What's With the Blinking?

In some cases, the tree markers have a number of large photos associated with them.If the photo is blinking, it simply means the computer is still loading photos. Patience, my friend, patience...

Scrolling Troubles:

Scrolling can be tricky with a big map like this one. If you click on the Google Map, you can scroll back and forth within the map. When you open a photo, it will sometimes be very large. Scroll within the photo(s) using the bars and close the photo using the X in the top right corner. You can also scroll on this website itself using the scroll bar to the right.